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521 Master Coil Building Kit V3 By Geekvape

  • $49.90
  • Ex Tax: $49.90
  • Product Code: M00000224
  • Availability: In Stock


Newest geekvape 521 master coil building kit v3, all tools packed in one zipped bag, include the newest geekvape tab pro.the geekvape kit also includes the organic cotton and Clapton coils, vapers can build, test and use your coils easily with this new vape toolkit.



  • Size: 218*174*52.8mm
  • Weight: 1300g
  • Diagonal pilers(stainless steel,130*50*12mm)
  • 45degree bent needle nose pliers(stainless steel,148*80*13mm)
  • Folding scissors(stainelss steel&bio-plastic,88*27*9mm)
  • Phillips screwdriver(stainless steel,106*2.5mm)
  • Flathead screwdriver(stainless steel,106*2.5mm)
  • Ceramic tweezer(ceramic&stainless steel,128*9mm)
  • Elbow tweezer(stainless steel,122*9mm)
  • Tab pro(ABS&PC&Zinc alloy,94.6*38.5*24mm)
  • Mini Hex screwdriver(stainless steel,55*1.25mm)
  • Mini Hex screwdriver(stainless steel,55*1.5mm)
  • Battery case(ABS plastic,77*42*22mm)
  • Cotton balls(natural organic cotton,110mm)
  • Clapton coils(kanthal A1&Nichrome,26GA*2(KA1)+36GA(N80)
  • Geekvape coiling kit(aluminum&stainless steel,2.0mm/3.5mm/2.5mm/3.0mm)



2*diagonal pilers

2*45degree bent needle nose pliers

2*folding scissors

1*phillips screwdriver

1*flathead screwdriver

1*ceramic tweezer

1*tab pro

2*mini hex screwdrivers

1*battery case

1*cotton ball

1*clapton coil

1*coiling kit

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