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Vape E-Juice Magnetic Liquid Mixer

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The Magnetic E-Liquid Mixer with heating function, The use of a magnetic heating mixer when using this instrument, first check the parts are complete, and then installed in order to clamp the required stirring was placed in the middle of the chrome plate. added to the solution to stir the solution in a beaker, and then plug in the instrument to plug the power cord, turn on the power and then power the speed control switch. lights began to work and then select your desired temperature. speed is gradually raised from a low-speed, high gear does not allow direct start, so as not to stir out of sync, causing jitter. when not heat without stirring, there is band switch control heating, cut off the power when not working. the instrument should be kept clean and dry, non-solution into the machine.


(1) find a stir when beating or stirring without stirring, to check whether the beaker stable position is positive.

(2) the medium-speed operation for long service life.

(3) When in use, please connect the ground line.


  • Size: 200*140*120mm
  • Working Voltage: AC110V/220V
  • Stirring Speed: 0-2400 R/Min
  • Stirring power:25W
  • Maximum Mixing Capacity: 1000ML
  • Max Heating Output Wattage: 150W 
  • With Heating Plate


1*Magnetic Mixer Machine


1*Power Cord

1*Chrome Plated Pole

1*Rubber Chuck

1*Bakelite Screws

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